Murat and Michelle



Born in Istanbul, Murat had his training in dance, music and fine arts all over the globe and is famous for his clean, polished lead and outstanding musicality. Murat’s background as an artist and musician gives him an ability to blend the senses of human body movements through time and space. Michelle brings a wealth of training and professional dance experience in many disciplines (with a focus on injury-free techniques) to the partnership. Their enthusiasm for tango is contagious and is spreading fast as they travel to teach at all major tango festivals throughout the US, which includes one of the most popular tango events in the North America – the Portland Tango Festival. Both accomplished performers, Murat and Michelle have shared the stage with the masters of tango and performed to live music of several legendary Tango orchestras, most recently with the internationally acclaimed Color Tango Orchestra of Buenos Aires.


Murat and Michelle have well over ten years of experience in teaching and performing tango. Their methods of instruction are very down to earth and continue to be extremely successful.  It is rare to see a couple teaching with such simplicity and clarity, while inspiring students with their own unique style of improvisational dance.  What makes Murat and Michelle so special is their emphasis on community spirit and their focus on building relationships between different tango groups. At the same time, M & M’s teaching style is concept-based which means that they focus on the logic, anatomy and geometry of the dance. Their students learn in depth about connection, lead and follow, musicality and etiquette. Most importantly, they gain valuable skills that enable them to dance socially at any milonga and be more proactive when it comes to self-study. Murat and Michelle have taught successfully at almost every major festival in the US and Europe.

Clay Nelson’s Portland Festivals are the largest and most prestigious tango events in the US. You can find the official festival survey results below:
Portland Valentango 2009
Portland Valentango


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