Ever tried using Tango shoes for nights out?

If you’ve ever found yourself limping out of the club at the end of a long night, you know just how important the right shoes can be. Even shoes that felt like walking on clouds when you left the house can seem like daggers after a few blocks, and dancing only makes the problem that much worse.

The right shoes make a difference, but most women’s footwear is designed with nothing but aesthetics in mind. If you’re contemplating giving up heels for good or are canceling plans at the thought of another night in pain, it may be time to consider something new: tango shoes.

The Importance of Good Footwear

Dressing up for a night with the girls or enjoying a romantic evening with your beau is all in good fun, but choosing the right shoes can be stressful, especially if you have dancing or walking on the horizon. Even the most expensive shoes have a tendency to pinch, squeeze, and put pressure on your joints. In most cases, the longer you stand, the worse your feet feel. Some women stop wearing heels entirely, preferring flats and sandals to create a look that favors comfort over fashion.

A great pair of heels may look sexy, but ill-fitting, unsupportive shoes may be causing more than a little foot pain after a long night. When worn long-term, poorly made heels can take a toll on your whole body, affecting the bones and muscles in your feet, your posture, and your body’s alignment. These issues can lead to symptoms like neck, shoulder, and lower back pain, foot pain, and conditions like plantar fasciitis.

The Tango Shoe Secret

If you’ve ever seen someone dance a tango, you know just how much effort goes into it. The twisting, flipping, and swinging takes practice, talent, and commitment, as well as what can often be years of practice. Most tango dancers, of course, wear high heels, and still manage to dance for hours in comfort. Their secret? The shoes.

If you’ve ever dreaded strapping on stilettos before heading out the door, tango shoes are the weapon you need in your arsenal. Designed to withstand the pressures of dancing while still attracting attention out on the floor, tango shoes are sturdy, comfortable, and, best of all, they look great. Most shoes feature a two to three inch heel and straps in fashionable materials, like lace and satin, to keep your feet stable and in place. Constructed with both stability and style in mind, tango shoes can keep you on your feet hours longer than a standard pair of heels.

Find the Perfect Shoes for Your Feet

With tango shoes, there’s a perfect fit for every occasion. Designed to complement tango outfits, styles are available in virtually every cut, color, and fashion under the sun. Whether you’re looking for the right pair to accessorize a little black dress or need something a little flashier for a night out on the town, tango shoes can provide the comfort and style you’re looking for without the pain most shoes can cause.

As an industry leader, Turquoise Tango is prepared to pamper your feet on any occasion. From an upscale event to an evening at the club, the right pair of tango shoes can have you dancing the night away.

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Tango Shoe bags


We have been in collaboration with Lorenza Pascucci, the founder of La Mirada Tango Chic, for quite long time.

She has a great taste for almost everything, photography, arts, picture everything…

She is now launching her new product, her own shoe bags line!



These lovely bags are , all handmade and unique!

Here comes the best part, these are also customizable

But not only for “Tango Shoes”

This is a unique way of carrying your shoes with you, not for only tango but for many possible occasions.





To see the collection

La Mirada Tango Chic

Shoes bag handmade in coloured felt embellished with details that make them unique like laces, strass, fabric and drawings in relief.
Available in 2 sizes (capacity 1 or 2 pairs of shoes)

The Shoes bags are customizable according your taste, choosing betweend a wide range of colours and playing with your ideas!
For any request write to lamirada-tangochic@hotmail.com

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Fashion 2017


Surprise Me

   Inspire Me 

      Turquoise Me

As having the motto ” improving constantly”, we really mean it!

Do you even start thinking that all the tango shoes are becoming the same? Well even if we try to make new and new things we also see the market either repeating itself or copying us . So, let’s see if we will lead the market again this time.


It has been a long recession for tango community to find a new breath, in the sense of tango shoes. As a brief history we could easily say that a specific brand started to lead the market,which was influenced by “Manolo Blahnik” shoes. It has been a huge trend for some time , but as every nice thing ends, that trend slowed down. Afterwards we have observed that by the Tango Salon taking crowds excitement, we have seen a lot of Salsa or Salsa type shoes wondering around. but I guess the market is pretty satisfied with those products as well.


Now we like to present you our inspiration, for the upcoming trends of 2016 and 2017.

We will be sharing a bit of our information and a glimpse of what are preparing to launch


This post will be about Straps!

Make sure not in tango but all around in sandals, ballerina flats , we will be seeing more of them


Chicky-tango-shoes- straps

Tango- shoes-Gladiator-High-Heels-Women-Sandals-Ankle-Straps

ballerina with straps









It is not really hard to find more and more examples but here is our initial product for that trend coming. The 4 biggest trend forecasting magazines says these will be the hot topic for sometime.

As we try to make the best of tango shoes we can , we decided to keep up with the trend so that, our clients will be “”in ” and ” special”



This is the primary photo of our ankle strap shoe!

Tango shoes with straps
Tango shoes with straps

trendy tango shoes

Of course we like to add more closed back shoes as well. But these are our primary samples






So expect these babies to placed on our web site soon (Probably on Tuesday )

And don’t forget “tango shoe” is not “just a tango shoe”.

Please feel free to forward or share our posts and blogs.


Turquoise Tango Shoes with Ankle Strap

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Fashion is the Spice of the Tango Woman


Burgundy Suede Tango Shoes
Turquoise Tango Shoes M44 – Burgundy Suede

Tango is considered to be one of the great music genres of the world, and rightfully so. Fascinating and complex, the dance has evolved over the years, as have the fashions that are associated with the dance. There is nothing more satisfying and primal than stepping onto the dance floor with the confidence that your shoes and attire are attention grabbing and comfortable for a sensual and exhilarating night of tango dancing.

A Tale of A Tango Shoe

Turquoise Shoes Served
Tango shoes and the shoe box and the shoe bag


As a tango beginner, it is not necessary to start out with a special shoe. But, as the love of tango ignites within, dancers understand the need for elegantly and easily pivoting on the ball of the foot is essential. Shoes that do not provide a hard enough platform or that stick to the floor will impede the dancing and possibly cause injury.

Women prefer heels that range from 1″ to 4″ and are comfortable for hours of dancing. Specialty tango shoes typically come in closed cage or sling backs styles and are crafted with high quality materials, designed to withstand hundreds of hours on the dance floor. Function and style can and do coexist with tango shoes that are elegant and fashion forward, while still cushioning your feet and allowing for all night dancing.

Tango In Style

Extreme Designs of Turquoise Tango Shoes
Tango Shoes


A pair of sexy tango shoes must be paired with an equally impressive tango dress. Flowing skirts are great for practice or casual events, but milongas demand dresses that are curve hugging and stretchy. Skirts or dresses with slits allow for leg movement and accentuate the curves of the leg. Although fashionable tango outfits are important, dancers must be able to take large steps without being hindered by the garment. Classic tango dresses are making a comeback, as they are being designed with updated patterns and fabulous fabrics that are attractive and accommodate the movements involved in tango dancing.

For the perfect fit and function in tango shoes, visit Turquoise and browse the vividly designed styles developed by tango dancers for tango dancers.

Check out https://www.expresstango.org/ for a wide collection of clothing


Photography: Lorenza Pascucci.

Check out : http://www.lamiradatango.com


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Hello world!

Welcome to Turquoise World. With this new blog we will be giving our friends some basic tips about shoes. How to take care of your tang shoes, we will share some information that no other brand does, we will introduce you into our production.

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