Aftercare for Women Tango Shoes

We have been asked many times by our dear customers about taking care of their tango shoes. Before starting to mention the aftercare we need to mention the difference between tango shoes and regular street shoes first.


– The structural difference between regular shoes and tango shoes

Turquoise Tango Shoes for celebrities
Tango shoes fro celebrities


To put it simply: “The overall structure is properly done with a tango shoes”. As you may have read on google through any search, it is certainly quality and value. Without getting into too much detail, I can say that it is all about geometry. I will post another detailed explanation about this in my next blog post. But if tango shoes were made for daily usage , they would be more comfortable than any other serial production shoe.


-The padding of a tango shoe


There is always two sides of a medal and many choices contributing to a decision. Generally when you decide to make a nice looking shoe, you have to forget about the comfort of it. However not at Turquoise, where we never compromise either. This brings me to my next topic. The padding in our shoes not only brings you comfort, but the usage of this padding does not take away from the shoes appearance as it may with other brands. One thing to note is that when the padding increases, generally the aftercare is harder.


-The Outer Sole


The outer sole issue is another issue with aftercare. Every outer sole has to be taken care of in a different way. Although we are working and spending a lot of R&D on finding an outer sole that could fit both for tango dance and regular usage, it will take some time for us to announce that. Wouldn’t it be nice if we make tango shoes that you can wear for night out as well?

Nice tango shoes for night out
Tango shoes that works both ways


After pointing out these issues, here is what you should do to take better care of your precious shoes;


The shoe, once made, cannot change its structure. If properly made, a good tango shoe will lose its initial balance only if there is any change made to it. From my experience, “cutting the heel” is the most common mistake one may make if the heel is too high for the customer. So, when deciding on which tango shoe to pick, stick to the one you are most comfortable in. The main objective is to dance, not to look nice and tall; if you are not comfortable, don’t go for a higher heel simply because it looks better. It is certainly not about cutting the heels, once you buy them.



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