Buying Procedure

Creating an account with us and Buying Procedure

Turquoise Main Page

Start by pressing “LOG IN”

If you don’t have an account with us, press “CREATE AN ACCOUNT”

Fill the form to have an account

“First Name”: is your first name

“Last Name”: is your surname

“Email address”: is your e- mail address that you actually use. “Check the Sign Up for Newsletter” option is you want to subscribe to any news from us

You will see a screen like this.

You have to fill an address for your shoe delivery.

Here press “Address Book” to fill your address for delivery

Fill the form

Your screen will be like this

As your registration with us done you can start your purchase. Press “WOMEN TANGO SHOES” to see our shoes available for sale .

Remember, what we have in our inventory is what we have at the web site as available to sell.

Press on any tango shoe you like, , you will see the details of that model

Here, press on this drop-down menu to see if we have your size available at the moment

It seems , for this model, we currently have only size 39.5

If you want to buy 39.5 size of this tango shoe press “Add to Cart”

When you press “Add to Cart” There will be a black label .

If you see that, tango shoe has been added to your cart.

Here, all you have to do is to press   “MY CART” , if you are done with your purchase

If you are from Russia you can just mail us and get a big “discount code” from us. Only thing to do is just register your name. Refer 2 of your friends

Just write down the code we have sent you and Press “APPLY COUPON”

“Your” discounted price is ready for you

Proceed with checking out.

Happy dances with Turquoise Tango Shoes

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