Tango in Bodrum


I like to take a moment to take a bow for Öykü and Egemen for their start-ups in Bodrum. The most popular holiday destination of Turkey.

Having danced for many years both have decided to move to Bodrum, get married and establish Tango 48 School.

After settling in Bodrum, they have started their events in Maya Hotel  and they started for the first tango studio in Bodrum in 27 July 2015


Both talented and passionate, built up the school from scratch, literally.


As you can see, how they turned the place turned into a lovely cozzy place.









This is the only studio , dedicated for Tango. They have their own milongas and practicas.

The practicas are on Fridays 21:00-23:00. But as it is too hot in summer, they might rearrange the schedule, so it is better to check out their social media accounts and

reach out to ask. So as the milongas!

Instagram: 48tango

Facebook: tango48













If you are in Bodrum, why not take some classes and meet with Öykü and Egemen.



With a lovely, friendly environment, it is must-see place if you are in tango scene.









Öykü might be pleased to share with you the ways of a healtier life as well , as she has a lot of experience about the subject. You will what I mean definetly know when you chat with her.




They are also helping “Turquoise” word to spread out in Bodrum,


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Friday night Tangolic


After a Thursday out at Point Hotel I was not expecting to visit any other milongas or any other tango activities for that matter.

But when I found out that it was Ilgın’s milonga anniversary and her birthday as well, I knew we just had to go to be there to celebrate with her.


If you are looking for a milonga in Istanbul, Tangolic is the absolute best place to be on a Friday.


This is the entrance of Tangolic. It is on the forth floor, don’t be scared to go up that high, once you reach the top, it is most certainly worth the walk.



As soon as you get in, you already feel the energy in the air. The assistants are running around to make sure all the tasks are completed in time. It seems like girls were are still focusing on their task while the men are having a break for a photo shoot. The overall atmosphere is captivating.




The one thing a milonga visitor needs is a place to change their clothes. You’ll be in luck as there is large room that’s set out for that exact purpose right here at the Tangolic.



It seems going up to the forth floor was really worth it when you also have the view from the balcony. The famous Istiklal Street of Taksim where there is always traffic, but you can sit at the balcony and watch the people going by, just being there, enjoying the moment.






I can easily say that assistants are equally distributed boys and girls which is always a pleasant feature. And I also think these guys (girls and boys) do dance really good!!






Another important figure in our tango community Sercan Yiğit! The best dancer in town for sure.



As the milonga starts, the vast space seems to be quickly filled with more and more people who are getting straight into dancing. I feel like people who come here are really eager just the share time in which the floor goes from almost empty to nearly overcrowded




After the celebration Ilgın’s 30 Birtday, we are privileged to watch a wonderful performance by Pablo Rodriguez and Ilgın Tetikcan in the flesh.












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Thursday Nights- Point Hotel

Milonga Point Hotel

When Guralp told me that it would be the 11th anniversary of the Point Hotel milonga I realised that it must have been 12-13 years when I first started dancing tango. Point milonga started when was I was a beginner. Back then, we didn’t know Guralp well but a close friend of ours become a DJ. Guralp approached her and asked her to DJ at his milongas professionally. Frankly speaking, at that time no DJ was paid properly, so that was the first case in the tango community in Istanbul. Now 11 years on, Point Hotel is still going strong and is the place to go to on Thursday nights.

The location of the milonga is the best one you can get in Istanbul. Located at the heart of Istanbul Taksim area, it is easily accessible from anywhere in the city and by any kind of transport. If you arrive by car, you can leave it safely to the hotel’s valet service. 

The milonga venue is a perfect vantage point and the view from the terrace is fantastic. This is the view from the place at daytime

And this how it looks at day


And this how it looks at night


Day or night, it is equally beautiful and inspiring. I know people who come to Point Hotel to have a glass of wine and just watch the hustle and bustle of the city life below. And when it comes to tango at the Point Hotel, you can be sure to meet the whole range of tangueros – not just the dancers from a particular tango school or a closed community but instead people from different studios, communities and cities. A common problem in tango world is when groups of tangueros from one community only dance with each other. This is not the case at Point. The milonga is also very well known internationally and is popular with the tangueros visiting from all around the world.

Point milonga starts at around 9:30 and the entrance fee includes one free drink. There is no dress code as such but dancers do like to dress up – as you can see from the photos that I took last night.




A friend of mine just loves to come here to have a cocktail mixed at the bar and sips his drink at the terrace while enjoying the city view or watching the dance floor, checking out who is free to dance and who is still dancing.






Usually you would expect a crowd of 70-100 people at Point but yesterday I think about 200 people turned up for the anniversary party. The place was buzzing, the energy was high and the floorcraft was really nice. Check out some of my photos from last night and see for yourselves!





I would also like to dedicate a separate section to Guralp Diner. From the moment he got into the local tango community, he has added an incredible value to it. It is his way of doing his work and his new ideas that add a fresh perspective to our tango life here in Istanbul. I never remember him bragging about his achievements, however many in this tango community continue to use and develop his ideas. Guralp is also the creator of Istanbul Tango Guide Map. Knowing the importance of bringing something new and fresh to the table, I congratulate him on his approach and wish him another successful 11 + years to come. 

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Tuesday Nights La Cumparsita

Here in the Istanbul Tango life section I am going to talk about the local tango scene. Hopefully, this can help international visitors coming to Turkey to dance more with the locals and immerse themselves into the true Istanbul culture and lifestyle. So here we go… 

If you are coming to Istanbul to dance tango and are not sure where to go on a Tuesday night, La Cumparsita could be the answer.

Istanbul tango scene is very busy and there are new milongas emerging and disappearing every month. Considering that tango tourism to Istanbul is growing, here are a few tips about Istanbul Tango Life I’d like to share with you.

If you are visiting Istanbul to dance with the locals at the regular milongas, one stop you might wish to consider is La Cumparsita on Tuesday. Even though there are 2-3 milongas every night in Istanbul and the new ones are coming up (and disappearing) every now and then, my observation is that local tangueros prefer to go to the milongas that have been around for some time. 

Yesterday La Cumparsita celebrated their 10th Anniversary, and I can say the place was packed. There was also a draw for a pair of Turquoise Tango Shoes to mark the anniversary. Halil Ertekin one of my favourite DJs was in charge of music. What a treat! I’d like to think that the place was so busy because of the draw but actually the real reason is that the tango community like and respect the owners of the milonga. Anyway, it was a special night and I won’t be referring to yesterday’s extraordinary turnout but rather tell you about what La Cumparsita is like on a regular Tuesday. 


One of the things I really like about La Cumparsita is the patio with a small friendly garden. It is a perfect place to get to know people in a very welcoming environment. Despite the health issues that keep me from dancing, I really like coming to the milonga to have a chat with tangueros.

Another thing I would like to mention is the menu, which is different from what you can find at many other milongas: the owners serve coffee or tea (with refill) and real tasty snacks the whole night. If you are not crazy about alcohol like myself then this is a real paradise. As long as you don’t want alcohol, almost everything is included in the entrance fee.


Oh and don’t miss the famous cake made from crushed sesame seeds! It is absolutely delicious and is also “on the house”. 

The dancing area itself is about 50 square meters with a custom made floor.




The atmosphere is very friendly, and once you get to know people, this could be a regular spot for you to hang out. One thing I’ve noticed is that, interestingly, La Cumparsita is the only milonga that I have ever been to that has more men. This might just be my observation but this is the only tango place where men have to line up looking for women to dance with. 

In summer the place can get very hot but there is an air conditioner to cool the milonga, so it’s a nice option to have.


And last but not least, the final touch…Yes you guessed it right. Toilets. At La Cumparsita, they have separate men’s and ladies’ and the restrooms are very clean and tidy. In fact, the facilities are so comfortable that lots of tangueras use the ladies’ as a changing room. So you can be sure that all aspects of your milonga are taken care of. 

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