Ever tried using Tango shoes for nights out?

If you’ve ever found yourself limping out of the club at the end of a long night, you know just how important the right shoes can be. Even shoes that felt like walking on clouds when you left the house can seem like daggers after a few blocks, and dancing only makes the problem that much worse.

The right shoes make a difference, but most women’s footwear is designed with nothing but aesthetics in mind. If you’re contemplating giving up heels for good or are canceling plans at the thought of another night in pain, it may be time to consider something new: tango shoes.

The Importance of Good Footwear

Dressing up for a night with the girls or enjoying a romantic evening with your beau is all in good fun, but choosing the right shoes can be stressful, especially if you have dancing or walking on the horizon. Even the most expensive shoes have a tendency to pinch, squeeze, and put pressure on your joints. In most cases, the longer you stand, the worse your feet feel. Some women stop wearing heels entirely, preferring flats and sandals to create a look that favors comfort over fashion.

A great pair of heels may look sexy, but ill-fitting, unsupportive shoes may be causing more than a little foot pain after a long night. When worn long-term, poorly made heels can take a toll on your whole body, affecting the bones and muscles in your feet, your posture, and your body’s alignment. These issues can lead to symptoms like neck, shoulder, and lower back pain, foot pain, and conditions like plantar fasciitis.

The Tango Shoe Secret

If you’ve ever seen someone dance a tango, you know just how much effort goes into it. The twisting, flipping, and swinging takes practice, talent, and commitment, as well as what can often be years of practice. Most tango dancers, of course, wear high heels, and still manage to dance for hours in comfort. Their secret? The shoes.

If you’ve ever dreaded strapping on stilettos before heading out the door, tango shoes are the weapon you need in your arsenal. Designed to withstand the pressures of dancing while still attracting attention out on the floor, tango shoes are sturdy, comfortable, and, best of all, they look great. Most shoes feature a two to three inch heel and straps in fashionable materials, like lace and satin, to keep your feet stable and in place. Constructed with both stability and style in mind, tango shoes can keep you on your feet hours longer than a standard pair of heels.

Find the Perfect Shoes for Your Feet

With tango shoes, there’s a perfect fit for every occasion. Designed to complement tango outfits, styles are available in virtually every cut, color, and fashion under the sun. Whether you’re looking for the right pair to accessorize a little black dress or need something a little flashier for a night out on the town, tango shoes can provide the comfort and style you’re looking for without the pain most shoes can cause.

As an industry leader, Turquoise Tango is prepared to pamper your feet on any occasion. From an upscale event to an evening at the club, the right pair of tango shoes can have you dancing the night away.

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