Friday night Tangolic


After a Thursday out at Point Hotel I was not expecting to visit any other milongas or any other tango activities for that matter.

But when I found out that it was Ilgın’s milonga anniversary and her birthday as well, I knew we just had to go to be there to celebrate with her.


If you are looking for a milonga in Istanbul, Tangolic is the absolute best place to be on a Friday.


This is the entrance of Tangolic. It is on the forth floor, don’t be scared to go up that high, once you reach the top, it is most certainly worth the walk.



As soon as you get in, you already feel the energy in the air. The assistants are running around to make sure all the tasks are completed in time. It seems like girls were are still focusing on their task while the men are having a break for a photo shoot. The overall atmosphere is captivating.




The one thing a milonga visitor needs is a place to change their clothes. You’ll be in luck as there is large room that’s set out for that exact purpose right here at the Tangolic.



It seems going up to the forth floor was really worth it when you also have the view from the balcony. The famous Istiklal Street of Taksim where there is always traffic, but you can sit at the balcony and watch the people going by, just being there, enjoying the moment.






I can easily say that assistants are equally distributed boys and girls which is always a pleasant feature. And I also think these guys (girls and boys) do dance really good!!






Another important figure in our tango community Sercan Yiğit! The best dancer in town for sure.



As the milonga starts, the vast space seems to be quickly filled with more and more people who are getting straight into dancing. I feel like people who come here are really eager just the share time in which the floor goes from almost empty to nearly overcrowded




After the celebration Ilgın’s 30 Birtday, we are privileged to watch a wonderful performance by Pablo Rodriguez and Ilgın Tetikcan in the flesh.












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