New Level of Tango Shoes

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Copper Tango shoes

Red Tango Shoes

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Purple Snake Skin
Tango Shoes


In a world full of change, it would be boring to not to. So to keep up with the trends and keep to our dynamic nature we are changing our shoes.


In the new year we will be implementing another exciting and new outer sole for our much loved clients.


Our recent released outer soft soles are a huge success already, but we want to keep growing, improving and adding even more value to our product.




We will be implementing another new semi-hard sole.

This new outer sole will be grasping the ground 25% more than any other product in the market.


And if you thought it couldn’t get any better;


We have decided that we need to make even more new designs and colours




Expect to see more fabulous designs and models for your viewing and wearing pleasure in the new year


Photos by: Lorenza Pascucci ( Lorenza Pascucci is our Italy main Distributor and a talented photographer )



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