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I like to take a moment to take a bow for Öykü and Egemen for their start-ups in Bodrum. The most popular holiday destination of Turkey.

Having danced for many years both have decided to move to Bodrum, get married and establish Tango 48 School.

After settling in Bodrum, they have started their events in Maya Hotel  and they started for the first tango studio in Bodrum in 27 July 2015


Both talented and passionate, built up the school from scratch, literally.


As you can see, how they turned the place turned into a lovely cozzy place.









This is the only studio , dedicated for Tango. They have their own milongas and practicas.

The practicas are on Fridays 21:00-23:00. But as it is too hot in summer, they might rearrange the schedule, so it is better to check out their social media accounts and

reach out to ask. So as the milongas!

Instagram: 48tango

Facebook: tango48













If you are in Bodrum, why not take some classes and meet with Öykü and Egemen.



With a lovely, friendly environment, it is must-see place if you are in tango scene.









Öykü might be pleased to share with you the ways of a healtier life as well , as she has a lot of experience about the subject. You will what I mean definetly know when you chat with her.




They are also helping “Turquoise” word to spread out in Bodrum,


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