How strong your Tango Shoe Heels should be?


There are many many tango shoe brands out there, more and more popping out everyday. Of course “shoe making” is one of the oldest professions, so you can find out one or two craftsmen, just around the corner, to make some shoes for you. So why should you care which one to go to? One would thing that the only thing you have to consider is a good color scheme and the design itself and the shoemaker will sort the rest for you.. Right?.. Wrong..


Making a shoe is an easy task, however making a good tango shoe is a challenge that requires an expert level science, engineering, chemistry, orthopedics as well as arts and esthetics. All these are absolutely crucial components and with even one missing, the process cannot be completed.


As a manufacturer, we believe that our customers have the right to know exactly how their tango shoes are made. And we also know that we can to scientifically show how Turquoise Shoes differentiate so vastly from other big brands, not to mention the craftsman just around the corner.


This is a typical example of how we perceive what a good product means.


This is a machine to measure the integrity of your tango shoe heels.


 YouTube Turquoise Tango Shoes Heel Test

As yo can see, the tested hit by the machine with a striker.

Basically, impacts of 0.68 joules are delivered at one second intervals by a striker to the heel”


So, what we are talking about here?


A normal street shoe heel should be able to sustain its integrity not under 7.000 hits.
A heel (with a steel bar inside) is ok if it starts to loose its integrity above 7.000 hits.


So, what is so unique about our shoe heels?


Ok, here we go;

Scientifically Report of Tango Shoe Heel Strength
tango shoes tested

The heel being tested is our 7.5 cm Heel Height classic heel. The report says the test of determining the breaking point of the heel is left unfinished after being hit 15.178 times

Scientifically Report of Tango Shoe Heel Strength

This is about our 6.5 cm heel height being tested. The report says no sign of breaking and the test s being left unfinished after 14300 hits.

An our last report is about our highest heel. For this heel we wanted to really see what is the breaking point and decided to wait until it really breaks , but we quitted at 48,220 HITS 

Scientifically Report of Tango Shoe Heel Strength

Here is what our heels looked like after these tests
tango shoe heels

They look a bit damaged from the hit points but they survived!!

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