Having danced tango for over a decade, we the owners of Turquoise, can say that we have spent a fortune on tango shoes. We went shoe shopping in many countries, finding some shoes to be far from elegant, others to be designed without proper understanding of anatomy or geometry; some to have balance issues while others to be lacking the comfort so essential for every tanguero wanting to dance for hours at milongas and festivals.  


Our shoe shopping experience has led us all to the same conclusion that “good enough is not enough”.  So we decided to create our own line of tango shoes, personally testing them on some of the busiest dance floors, to see if that ideal combination of quality, durability and elegance could be achieved.  This is how Turquoise tango shoes were born. 



Baris Sozen (Send an E-mail)

Owner of Turquoise Shoes


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Owner of Turquoise Shoes


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