At Turquoise, we believe that the most successful competition is not with the others but with ourselves: working on our chosen endeavor to attain the utmost excellence.

We follow that vision by continually perfecting our designs and offering the best possible service to our clients.

Because tango is our love, and dancers are our extended family, we do not JUST sell shoes.  Through our work, we build relationships and help the community. 

We value our clients’ experience as they get to know Turquoise tango shoes, discover the models that fit them best and suit their style, and walk away with the pairs that make them delighted not only because of how they look and feel, but also because of the service they’ve received.  Every such interaction is special to us.

At Turquoise, we treat every dancer with our full attention, care and respect. We strive to make everyone feel at home.

Our customers are our friends so we want to keep them happy every day, whether when we see them in person, or when they go dancing in Turquoise shoes around the country or all over the world, feeling beautiful and so comfortable that they do not need to change to their practice shoes halfway through the night.


We would love to think that Turquoise is not just a pair of shoes, it is an exclusive conversation that defines our lifestyle.