Turquoise uses TNT for its worldwide shipping. Every shipment has it own tracking code assigned by TNT. Our system automatically generates a tracking number when we ship the goods to your address. The shipment normally takes about 2-3 business days. Please see our International Shipment page for the detailed guide for the estimated delivery times.

If, for some reason, you have not received a tracking code after your initial purchase, please contact us and ask for your tracking code. We work closely with all the local mailing companies nationwide. So if you prefer to use a specific company please contact us, so we could discuss the delivery options to suit you best.

The local delivery services operate on a "recipient pays" basis. Please be assured that Turquoise is not involved in any shipping or delivery business or is trying to make money out of shipping costs. The one and only business we are committed to is making top quality tango shoes.

We can also organize shipments via the Post Office, however, it would be difficult to estimate the exact delivery times. There is also a certain risk involved in shipping items via the Post Office. However, if this is our client’s preferred option, we can organize deliveries through the Post Office as well. In those cases, a tracking code could be issued to a customer, however, we at Turquoise could not provide any guarantee for the goods delivery.

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