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A warm welcome to Turquoise - the best place to shop for women’s and men’s tango shoes. Turquoise is a global tango shoe brand that offers you superior quality, comfort and style. 

At Turquoise, we believe that perfection is a journey, which - just like tango - evolves continuously.  Our dedicated team of shoemakers constantly strives to improve the product.

Detail oriented and quality focused, we do our best to turn every single pair into a little masterpiece.

At Turquoise we offer a wide variety of unique designs, with many shoes being one of a kind (which is especially important for the ladies)
To ensure a perfect fit, our tango shoes come in half sizes, which is not often the case with many other top tango shoe brands.

If, for some reason, you cannot find an authorized Turquoise distributor near you, you are welcome to visit our website and shop online. Here you can check the sizes, discover the latest styles and order your perfect pair of tango shoes.

Our online store is equipped with the latest technology, making your shopping experience 100% secure and even more enjoyable.

Ready to browse our online catalogue? You are just one click away!